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Our difference is that we have a proven approach designed over the past 30 years to bring every transaction to a successful close, and our process is personalized to YOUR needs.

It Starts with Fact Finding and Gathering of Data. We will tailor an email to you that itemizes all financial documents you need to gather for our no-cost evaluation. We meet with you at your office to discuss your practice, plans and our services. This is scheduled at your convenience (during non-staff hours) and all materials reviewed are 100% confidential.
From this meet, we establish YOUR goals, set a selling strategy, establish the right asking price and are prepared to move onto the next step.

Next is Our Expert Marketing of Your Practice

Your practice, large or small, is immediately exposed to the largest buyer database in the country. Our buyer lists have been developed, tooled and retooled, enhanced and updated for the past 30 years. We send emails, market your practice through a broad range of advertising media including journals, trade publication advertising, online marketing and direct mail.

But most effective of all, we contact Buyers that we have dealt with months prior to your listing, those buyers that we have cultivated from prior sales, those buyers that have defined exactly what they are looking for, and have been prequalified for financing.

And most importantly, your information is handled in strict confidence and ads are checked to insure that your practice is not identifiable in any of our marketing.

Identifying “Real” Buyers

Through these efforts, our goal is to secure qualified potential purchasers who are ready to purchase now.

It serves no purpose to contact buyers that are not looking in your area, or to do email blasts to some not focused on today.

Our singular purpose is to find the right buyer ready to buy your practice today!

Once the correct match is made – a buyer looking to acquire a practice like yours in your area; a buyer that fits YOUR criteria; a buyer that is a good match for your staff and patients; a buyer that can secure the funds needed to complete the transaction…the rest becomes easy.

Negotiations, Financing and Contracts Are All Streamlined

It starts by our knowing your needs and your practice…then knowing the buyer’s wants and dreams. Once these are put together, the remainder (and there are many administrative steps) plays out.

Through our un-matched financing resources, we take care of securing the financing needed, we are present for all negotiations (usually minimal with the right motivated buyer), and provide all templates of buy-sell agreements needed.

Our Focus is On Handling Only THE Best and Most Successful of Transactions

We are on your team from start to finish, working with you and the potential purchaser, any accountants, counsels and lenders.

Our goal is that there be no surprises for the buyer, that he/she benefit from their acquisition, that they continue the practice legacy you started, and that the staff and patients receive enhanced benefits from the transaction.

We provide guidance on selecting a closing date, handling of receivables, tax allocations, contractual matters, transition and patient announcement letters, etc. We are involved with the transaction until documents are signed and money changes hands.

Long after, we continue to be involved with the buyer, in making sure all his/her expectations are met, providing practice management guidance and answering any questions they may have.

Next time around that same satisfied buyer years remove becomes our newest seller – happens all the time!

Consistency, attention to detail, reliability, honesty, integrity – not just words, but a proven approach.